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English Summary

The Swiss Society for Health Policy is a politically independent organisation which was founded in 1976 in Berne.

The SGGP makes numerous contributions towards creating better health policy and better health care. The Society strives to promote more co-operation between partners in the health care system. For 42 years, the SGGP has been a driving force behind many measures of reform.

Membership of the SGGP is open to any person or organisation with an interest in healthcare.

The SGGP organises 3-6 countrywide conferences annually devoted to current health issues. There are also regional group events.

The SGGP has already published more than 130 books on health care and health policy.

Health Issues Publication GPI
This specialist journal is a quarterly publication comprising 120 short contributions.

Regional Groups
The SGGP has regional groups in Basel, Geneva, Zurich and in eastern and central Switzerland. The SGGP is a close network of health care specialists.